"I Really Love Dogs" Espresso T-Shirt

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Introducing our limited edition "I really love dogs" T-shirt, now available in espresso color!🤎 Because let's be honest, dogs and espresso are two things that make life infinitely better. It's like getting a double shot of happiness in one stylish package!
- Perfect for Summer
- Made & Shipped from Austin Texas 
- Only 100 In this limited drop

Crafted with comfort and love, this unisex T-shirt from Pupsentials is perfect for dog enthusiasts who appreciate a good cup of joe. We've carefully selected the softest, coziest fabric to ensure you feel as snug as a pug in a rug while wearing this shirt. So go ahead, cuddle up with your furry friend and enjoy the ultimate comfort experience.

The espresso color is as rich and satisfying as your morning brew. It's the perfect shade to express your love for dogs with a side of caffeine-induced enthusiasm. Whether you're a morning person or rely on your dog's adorable face to kickstart your day, this T-shirt has got you covered, literally!

We've designed this T-shirt with unisex Comfort Colors sizing, because dogs don't discriminate based on gender, and neither do we! We want everyone to have the chance to rock this awesome shirt and showcase their dog-loving spirit. So grab one for yourself, your partner, or even your dog (if they're into fashion)!

The "I really love dogs" design is sure to fetch some smiles wherever you go. It's like a secret code that fellow dog lovers will instantly recognize and appreciate. Who knows, you might just make some new friends at the dog park or start a "pawsome" conversation with a fellow coffee shop goer.

Remember, this is a limited edition shirt, so don't let it slip through your paws. It's a collector's item for those who truly understand the love and joy that dogs bring to our lives. So go ahead, embrace your inner dog fanatic, show off your sense of humor, and grab one of these espresso-colored treasures before they're gone!

Order now from Pupsentials and get ready to strut your stuff with a shirt that screams, "I really love dogs, and I'm not afraid to espresso it!"

Big love, Kyn & Jake

Introducing the new and improved Pupsentials Embroidered Sweatshirt 

spring 2024 release

  • Embroidered Directly Into Sweatshirt - built to last a lifetime
  • Hand-Drawn artwork - to capture every detail
  • Premium Italian Fabrics - for a cozy fit
  • Crafted & Made with love - in Austin Texas
  • Over 2 years of dedicated improvement - to make a sweatshirt you'll love 

Celebrate your pets by wearing them on your heart. 

Shipping and delivery is 3-4 weeks from your order date.

- Due to the Nature of this Custom Product We cannot provide refunds or cancellations within 24 hours of placing an order or if we've already completed the artwork within that time.

 **Revisions:** on artwork
- You can request up to two free revisions. Additional revisions are available for $25 to compensate our artists time.

- If you want to change the picture entirely, there's a $35 fee to rework the photo. Each artwork takes 2 hours to create. This provides for our artists time. 

- For the best results, please provide a clear picture with good lighting.
- We work with one picture per order, so choose the one you want to use. If you are between photos please reach out via email to help choose the best one. 

**Shipping Protection:**
- To safeguard your order in case of mailing system issues, we recommend adding shipping protection during checkout. We are not responsible for lost or stollen packages. Adding shipping protections will 

 **Proof Approval:**
- You must approve your proof within 7 days. After that, it will be auto-approved and sent for production. We can't make changes once it's in production. If you have a Hotmail email, please check your spam folder. We suggest using a different email if possible.

**Sweatshirt Color:**
- Once an order is placed, we cannot change the sweatshirt color.

 **Custom Text:**
- Adding custom text to your order comes with an additional cost of $10 for monograming, payable during checkout.

**Returns and Exchanges:**
- We do not offer returns or exchanges since our items are fully customized.

**Size Chart:**
- Please refer to our size chart for the best fit. 

Pupsentials is forever, big love, from Kyn & Jake

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