My Story

Well hey there, my name is Kyndall. I am 26 years old & live in Fort Worth Texas!

I absolutely LOVE dogs. I have 4 pups (2 english bulldogs named Piper & Waggy, a Silver lab named Ramsey, & cocker spaniel named Decker) & trust me, If I could, I would have 100, lol. 

This year in May, my husband & I were blessed with our first baby boy, Levee. I wanted to stay home with him full time and try to figure out how to do what I love while being a new mama.

I got the courage and support & decided to take a huge risk, quit my job as a sonographer, and started pupsentials this past July.

I asked God for direction on what I should do. I have always loved art & dogs and wanted to make something that dog moms & dads could be proud. Then I had the idea of creating embroidered sweatshirts of the highest quality. I have always been artistic and loved dogs and wanted to create something unique that other dog moms and dads would wear and love.

It keeps my tail wagging and I love talking to dog mommas all day :) We are based in Fort Worth Texas and I do everything in house from drawing the art of your pup, embroidering the sweatshirts/hats, packing them pretty, and making sure my Dog mom/dad customers are always taken care of :)

It’s important for me to give back so we work with a local animal rescue and donate food each month, we try to do as much good as we can in this world:)

Sorry for the long message lol. I hope that tells a little story about me. Now you have heard some of my story, I’d love to hear more about your pup :) 

Big Love, Kyndall