Hey there, my name is Kyndall, but you can call me Kyn 👋 I am 27 years old & live in Fort Worth, Texas! I married my high school sweetheart, Jake. We are best friends and also business partners and love what we do!

We started Pupsentials back in July of 2021. We asked God for direction and then took a leap of faith by quitting our day jobs.

We wanted to create something truly special for every dog parent that they could cherish literally forever and that is how Pupsentials came to life.

We offer the highest quality detailed pup embroidery that you can get on the market today. Our motto is : When you invest in high quality embroidery, it should last a lifetime.

We literally Love Pups 🐶

We have 4 pups, & trust me, If I could, I would have 100, lol 😂

- Decker the cocker Spaniel
- Ramsey the Silver Lab
- Piper the Brindle English Bulldog 
- Wagyu the Llaic English Bulldog 

I found a local shelter called saving hope & I donate dog food each month. We try to do as much good as we can in this world.

The past 5 years we have added a new pup to our life every year, except in 2021... 

Meet Levee

Instead of adding another pup, we added a baby boy! Levee, often called "Leveester" was born in May of 2021 and is the joy in our life 🥰

Family is so important to me and I knew I wanted to stay home with him full time and try to figure out how to do what I love while being a new mama. 

It wasn't always easy, infact it was hard. Lots of late nights, strugles, crying, anxiety. But I never gave up. I knew I could figure this out even if it took 100 tries. 

We became OBSESSED 🪡

Each Piece takes arount 2.5-3 hours to create every detail of your pup's art. From drawing the art, to selecting 15 out of 400 thread colors, and embriodering over 25,000 stiches per pup. 

Our quality isn't expensive, it's priceless. 

It's a fun and one of a kind experience that you will get to be apart of. As soon as we finish your artwork, we will share a proof for your approval or work together on a revision, then your order is moved to our production line to get embroidered & shipped to you.

The Dream

We are so thankful for each and every one of our loyal customers and amazing community that we are building.

I found a local shelter called saving hope & I donate dog food each month. We try to do as much good as we can in this world.


I would love to hear about your pup and their story! Make sure we are friends on insta and say hello :)

If you are able, I would love to make you a very special custom embriodered sweatshirt for you of your pups 🐶

Thank you for supporting my small women owned business and allowing me to chase my dreams. 

If you're reading this, know that with hard work, anything is possible. I believe in you and if you need support, I'll cheer you on. It's never easy, but 10000% worth it. You got this babe!

Big Love from
Kyn, Jake, Levee, Decker, Ramsey, Piper, & Waggy💕