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It’s still a surprise!

I can’t share just yet the response from my partner! I got this as a birthday surprise and that won’t happen for another few weeks. As far as quality… it is really quite good. I am pleased with how they turned out, the only thing I would ask for is to enlarge the graphic. I got bigger sizes so the fur babies look small compared to how much space there is. I also am curious as to how the sweatshirts wash. Meaning will they soften over time. Again, all my preference. Has absolutely nothing to do with the work Kyn and her staff do! Once I can do the birthday reveal, I’ll share some photos. It’s going to be a winner for sure!

So obsessed!!

AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!! I changed my order so many times, so nice and friendly. Does take a while, but it is well worth the wait!!! Can’t recommend enough!!

The Custom Pet Portrait Embroidered Sweatshirt
Lindsay Matthews (Santa Monica, US)
beyond obsessed

I get so many compliments on my sweatshirt. the whole neighborhood is bound to have them soon!


This was the best sweatshirt I could have ever asked for. The detail was incredible and the stitching was phenomenally done. I am soooo happy!

Love this sweatshirt!

So pleased with how my sweatshirt with my pup Winston on it! Its adorable and I get so many compliments on it-especially how they really captured Winston in the embroidery! The sweatshirt is also super comfortable. Highly recommend!

The Custom Pet Portrait Embroidered Sweatshirt
Jennifer Holland (Knoxville, US)

I love, love, LOVE my sweatshirt! Not only is it the most PERFECT sweatshirt ever, but it has my sweet girl on it- which makes it MORE than perfect! I never want to take it off. I love showing her off no matter where I go, even if she can’t be with me in person. Thank you sooooo much, Pupsentials, for making such a truly amazing replica of my girl for me to wear and enjoy- it is exactly as the picture I submitted! The details in her eyes are priceless!

The Custom Pet Portrait Embroidered Sweatshirt
Sierra Stipetich (Canonsburg, US)

I can’t believe how perfect it is! so comfy and has become my new everyday sweatshirt!

Amazing 🤩

Omg I love this sweatshirt soooooo much!!!! The picture I sent in was perfectly captured and the materials used to make the sweatshirt and the picture are amazing!!

The Custom Pet Portrait Embroidered Sweatshirt
Katelyn Forster (Raleigh, US)
The best!!!

Love love love my pupsentials sweatshirt! The stitch up was perfect first time and they captured my pup perfectly! I submitted multiple photos I loved and let them choose, it was the best surprise!

The Custom Pet Portrait Embroidered Sweatshirt
Danielle Corrao (Charleston, US)

Purchased multiple items and was not disappointed!
Beyond obsessed with the end result!!

The Custom Pet Portrait Embroidered Sweatshirt
Vanessa moedano (Schiller Park, US)
Best shirt and sweater

My fur baby recently passed away. I had originally ordered back in Feb and got my order 7 weeks after. I love snoopy with all my heart. Pupsentials allows you to show the world just how much you love your dog. My sweater was a hit and now I find myself buying shirts just so I can have more pictures with my fur baby. Even though snoopy is no longer here people will see his face and know who he was. I will wear my shirt and sweater proudly. So will my family. Thank you for making beautiful embroideries. They truly capture the little details.

Custom Embroidered Dad Hat
Cheryl (Dundas, CA)
Adorable Hat !!

The hat fits perfectly and it has our two dogs on it.

My go to piece for sure

The Custom Pet Portrait Embroidered Sweatshirt
Kelsey Kokoska (Aldergrove, CA)

Best money I have ever spent. This sweatshirt is my new favourite thing I own. I am 6' & 170 lbs - size medium fits me perfectly! Highly recommend to anyone obsessed with their pet!

The Custom Pet Portrait Embroidered Sweatshirt
Alexis Newkirk-Stone (Moreno Valley, US)
The Happiest Package

I was so excited when I received this package, and the product lived up to the excitement! I have been wearing my sweatshirt with my pup's picture constantly. I have gotten so many compliments and have suggested that others get one dedicated to their pets. I also got a sweatshirt for my husband's birthday and he loved it! Kyn was SO wonderful to work with. She allowed me to change the color of my sweatshirt before embroidery began.

I love it!

I'm in love with my new embroidered sweatshirt! It makes me smile every time I wear it, and I get so many compliments from friends and people who see me out together with my little furball. It looks just like him, and she even got his little bottom teeth right!

Product is good but processing time extremely slow

Took over 2 months to get product shipped so if you're planning on giving this as a gift, plan accordingly. The product itself is good, just too bad the processing time is so slow.

Thank you so much for your feedback Jackie! We are working hard everyday on our systems and process as well as growing our team to help handle our growth so that we can create and deliver more efficiently. Each custom embroidered item takes a total of 2-3 hours to create. Our #1 goal is quality & I never want to sacrifice that. Feedback like this helps us improve in the right direction to continue to delight our amazing customers. Thank you for your love and support and feedback! Our goal in the next few months is have our custom deliveries within 10-14 days! Big love - kyn & pupsentials.

Love at first sight!

I love that the embroidery looked like an exact replica of my pup Caico!! I am very happy with color of the sweater, which feels soft and cozy. What more can you ask for?!? If you haven't placed an order yet...what are you waiting for??

Adorable and so comfy!

The stitching is absolutely perfect and I love seeing my pups perfect face on my sweatshirts :) I didn’t even expect them to be the softest comfiest sweatshirts ever!


I ordered two sweatshirts and they both came out great! I was able to make some initial edits after first seeing the proof to really make sure they came out how I wanted them and I really appreciate all the time and effort that went into making sure I received the best version!

The Custom Pet Portrait Embroidered Sweatshirt
Cassandra DiBella (Revere, US)
So many compliments!!

I absolutely love my custom sweater! The colors and stitching are perfect and everyone can’t believe how identical it is. Not to mention how comfy the sweater is as well! Excellent job well done!!!

My favorite purchase ever!

Pupsentials did such a great job and got both my pups faces perfect! There was one small detail that i wanted changed, and they were able to fix it right away! The sweater is a great material and very soft! The only thing i would say is that the inside of the sweater sheds so be careful wearing black underneath lol overall perfect and great experience!

The Custom Pet Portrait Embroidered Sweatshirt
Sarah Schmitt (Cincinnati, US)
Dog sweatshirt

I absolutely love my custom embroidered sweat shirt! It turned out SO CUTE! Love the style and material of the sweatshirt too! They nailed it!!

The Custom Pet Portrait Embroidered Sweatshirt
Nataly Morales (Philadelphia, US)
Amazing quality worth the wait!

This sweatshirt is my new favorite thing. The embroidery is spectacularly done. Looks just like my pup. The quality of the sweat shirt is top notch and the costumer service is excellent. Would recommend to everyone!


I am so obsessed with my sweatshirt. I talked about it so much that I’ve lost count of the number of people who have since purchased it as well. Can’t recommend enough.

The Custom Pet Portrait Embroidered Sweatshirt
Leslie Williams (Lynchburg, US)

I love my sweatshirt with my boys precious faces on it. Every fur mom should have something with their baby on it and it’s a bonus that the sweatshirt is extremely comfortable too. Thank you so much!